Identify + address critical vulnerabilities in residential physical and technical security

Prevention lies at the heart of our approach to home 安全评估. Our personal 安全评估 uses a prevention-oriented methodology that focuses on minimizing threats and vulnerabilities. The core of this methodology involves the proper identification of all risks associated with protecting the private client’s residence and property and providing recommendations on strategies and countermeasures that result in the most attractive outcomes across the family’s choices to transfer, 避免, 减轻或接受风险.

Residential Physical + Technical Security 评估

In addition to the evaluation of the residence’s immediate locale and environment, this residential security risk assessment typically includes the following areas: perimeter alarm systems, closed-circuit television coverage, 门禁系统, intrusion detection systems and panic alarms, safe room location and general requirements, mail and package delivery practices, 物理障碍, 景观和视线, 消防和生命安全系统, emergency 计划s and backup power availability and adequacy.

Residential Information Security + IT 评估

Either as a stand-alone assessment or a component of a broader residential physical and technical assessment, this service includes expert analysis and examination of IT-related practices and gaps. Private residential 安全评估 also identify opportunities to adopt information security best practices with respect to areas such as network infrastructure, 无线网络安全, and family internet access and information sharing practices.